Social Welfare Activities

The following activities are undertaken by Foundation.

  1. Organising trips for Divyang, orphans and oldage people.
  2. Organising various sports events like cricket, chess etc. for divyang.
  3. As a part of Swach Bharath Abhiyan, cleaning, planting and watering the selected areas of Mysuru.
  4. Burying dead animals and those who died in road accidents.
  5. Any person lying on the roads left uncared will be located and admitted to the respective care takers, oldage homes on obtaining permission from the local police authorities.
  6. With the help of Orange Seva Samithi, surplus food left by various functions are distributed to the poor and needy people without any wastage.
  7. In collaboration with Team Swachanda distribution of food packets for road side and needy people and  blankets in winter season.